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2018-background-celebration-714703 (1).jpgHi, everyone! Thanks so much for coming to my site! It is now 2019, and I’m so excited! I hope to do a lot more blogging, a lot more vlogs and definitely more podcasts!  Just wait!  My goodreads reading challenge is for 52 books! I know I can do it. How many goals have you set for yourself?

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Mar 17, 2014Melody Cox rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition

Read 4 times
Shelves: favorites
Wow…this book was wonderful. Once I sat down to read it I simply could not stop. I highly…highly…highly recommend this book if you are a romance lover. By the time I finished the first few pages, I was held hostage to every single word.

This is one of the most beautiful love stories I have ever read. There is no cheating, betrayal or doing stupid things while in a drunken stupor which earns big points for me. There was angst, yes, but it was lovely. You will need a box of tissues, it is that emotionally gripping but in a very good way.

Holton Dade was eight years old when his next door neighbors had a baby girl, Elena Rose. He has watched out for her her entire life. She has pretty much stayed on his mind but he has a hang-up about their eight-year age difference.

Elena Rose, now a beautiful young woman, has been in love with her hero neighbor Holton since she was a very young girl. He always thought it was nothing more than hero worship although she made it abundantly clear that she loved him at a very young age. She wanted nothing more than to join their lives together. But, he felt she was much too young to know her own mind.

I am heading to this author’s page and purchasing more of her books. She crafts a story that can and will pull you in until you feel what they characters feel.

Melody Cox rated “The Long Ride Home” as a 5 Star Novel.


Absolutely loved this book. There is no comparison to anything I have read before but it hit close to home with just enough magic and real relationship building.

A big fan of yours by Shannon about “Speaking to the Dead Through Love Letters”.

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